Why Choose Our Office

  1. Excellence in orthodontics- We treat our patients with the highest quality orthodontic care in a fun, personable and professional environment. Our foremost concern is getting to know you and meeting your individual orthodontic needs.
  2. Complimentary Initial exam- Every patient receives a complimentary and comprehensive exam and explanation of treatment needs at the first visit. The exam and explanation of treatment is performed personally by Dr. Brickman.
  3. Cutting Edge Technology to Minimize Treatment Time and Discomfort- Our office utilizes state of the art treatment appliances to offer the fastest and most comfortable treatment possible to our patients.
  4. Timing of Treatment- Dr. Brickman treats children at the optimal starting point from a growth and development perspective not from a pre-determined age criteria.
  5. Treatment Options- Dr. Brickman offers self-ligating brackets, ceramic brackets and Invisalign treatment as well as several options for interceptive orthodontics.
  6. Convenient Office Hours- To accommodate working patients and parents, Dr. Brickman maintains before and after school appointments.
  7. Flexible Payment Terms - Dr. Brickman's office makes a concentrated effort to provide payment options that suit every budget. Low down payment, credit card (Visa and Mastercard) payment, insurance processing, and no-interest financing are just a few of the conveniences we offer to our patients.  The billing is done directly from our office, so you will not have to deal with a third party.
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